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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


Winters can drastically affect the overall performance of your car and damage key components like batteries and tyres, therefore jeopardising your on-road safety.

This is why we, at North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services, recommend you opt for a car winter check Oswestry from us.

We perform a detailed winter check at affordable rates to ensure smooth car performance during the harshest part of the year. Book an appointment and get a quote.

What’s included in a vehicle winter check Oswestry?

Lights and electricals

We thoroughly examine the electrical components of your car, like headlights, backlights, indicators, etc. These light

fixtures need to be functioning efficiently to ensure optimum safety, especially when driving in the dark.


Ensuring optimum levels of antifreeze and coolant before the onset of winters is essential. We, at North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services, make sure these levels are as per recommendations. If not, we can provide top-ups. We also make sure that the mixture of coolant and water maintains a ratio of 1:1 so that the engine temperature is regulated evenly at all times.


Just switching to winter tyres isn’t enough. We also need to ensure that the tyres are in top working condition. For that, we check car tyres on the following bases to ensure safety and driving comfort:

  • Tread Depth of the tyres (at least 1.6 mm)
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Integrity of the tyre’s structure

Engine Oil

Engine oil becomes thicker due to the low temperatures during winters. Viscous engine oil hinders the lubrication of the various engine components, thereby leading to more fuel consumption. Based on the inspection, we will provide a top-up or a replacement accordingly.

Call us on 0169 165 9928 to book a slot for winter check Oswestry.

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