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    Founded in 1898, Goodyear rapidly became the world’s biggest tyre company in 1916 and again in 1999. Currently Goodyear has 47 manufacturing facilities in 21 countries.

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    Top-selling Goodyear tyres at North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services

    Eagle F1 SuperSport (Summer tyres)

    This racing tyre offers exceptional grip and handling on dry surfaces. Some of its highlights are:

    • Stiff sidewall design provides enhanced handling and driving stability
    • Tread deformation protector ensures outstanding footprint preservation for stability at high speeds
    • A unique U-shaped compound combination with specialised power zones to deliver balanced dry and wet performance.

    Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 (All season tyres)

    Take a look at the top features of this Goodyear car tyre Oswestry

    • The shoulder blocks and strong crown in this tyre minimise deformation during heavy driving.
    • The high amount of sipes present at the tread’s centre offers an enhanced grip on snow.
    • It offers lifetime aquaplaning resistance along with improved dry handling performance and shorter dry braking distance.

    UltraGrip Performance (Winter tyres)

    Key highlights of this top winter tyre model from Goodyear are –

    • It features Goodyear’s unique SnowProtect Technology that offers exceptional braking distance on snowy surfaces.
    • This tyre also comes with a Tread Optimal Performance Technology for tread wear indication.
    • The hydrodynamic grooves lower the risk of aquaplaning and improve traction on surfaces with melting snow.

    We also stock run-flat, 4x4, and UHP tyres from Goodyear alongside a host of other car tyres Oswestry in summer, winter, and all-season models.

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