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    With over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry, Avon offers its customers tyres with reliability and outstanding performance on almost all-terrains.

    All Avon tyres are manufactured using advanced technology and put through a stringent testing regime. This ensures the tyres provide optimum handling efficiency, reduced braking distance, quick acceleration, and durability.

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    We stock a variety of Avon car tyres Oswestry, including season-specific and vehicle-specific tyres.

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    Here are some of the top Avon tyres we have to offer –

    AVON ZX7 (Summer)

    This high-performance summer car tyre Oswestry is designed for medium and large SUVs. It comes with an asymmetric tread design that can carry the largest vehicles' weight while ensuring performance. Its 3D sipes offer optimum wet grip, and the noise dampening structure reduces noise generation, ensuring driving comfort.

    AVON WV7 SNOW (Winter)

    Its high sipe density ensures excellent traction on snow, slush, and ice. It also comes with a V-Slot pattern and forward-facing shoulder grooves that enhance the vehicle's braking efficiency.

    AS7 All SEASON (All-season)

    The Avon AS7 All SEASON features an advanced construct and durable compound that reduces wear. Its lateral 3D sipes ensure water evacuation, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. It also ensures excellent wet braking.

    RANGEMASTER (4x4 tyres)

    The tough radial design of this Avon tyre Oswestry ensures exceptional on and off-road traction. The company holds history in manufacturing high-performance 4X4 tyres. These tyres, in particular, are specially designed for the Land Rover Defender.

    Our inventory comprises numerous other Avon tyres and models, including UHP and run-flat options. Browse through our selection online using our tyre finder tool.

    Therefore, why keep searching for Avon tyres near me when you can buy all models from the brand under one roof with us?

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