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Understanding tyre sizes

Before buying a new set of car tyres Oswestry, you must consider the following three things: tyre size, speed rating and load index. Load indexes, speed ratings, tyre construction and aspect ratios are imperative in figuring out the capability of a tyre. Let us use an example of 225/55 R 18 95 H.

225: The first three numbers in this example refers to cross-section width of the tyre, which is measured in mm. The measurement is conducted from its inner sidewall to the outer sidewall.

55: Next comes the aspect ratio or profile of a tyre which points to the sidewall's height as a percentage of the section width. To be precise, 55 in this example is the height equal to 55% of 225 mm width. The higher the aspect ratio, the bigger the sidewall.

R: In this example, R refers to radial tyre construction. Meaning this unit is manufactured with cord plies placed at a 90 ° angle to the movement to provide additional strength.

18: The number next to the R points to the diameter of the wheel rim to which it is fitted. Also, it refers to the diameter of the unit from bead to bead. Therefore, 18 points out that this tyre will be fitted to an 18inch wheel rim.

95: The number in this example denotes the maximum load-carrying capacity of a tyre when inflated at its ideal pressure. As per the load index chart, 95 means the tyre can carry 690 kg.

H: The last letter of this example shows the maximum speed the tyre can safely be driven on when it is fully inflated and carrying a maximum load. According to the speed index chart, H means this tyre can run up to 130 mph.

You can find information about the ideal tyre pressure in the vehicle manual, inside the fuel cap, or on the driver's side door frame. Alternatively visit us, and we will be happy to advise.

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