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Are you looking for Air con refill for your vehicle?


Have you detected a drop in your car AC’s cooling efficiency? Or, is your vehicle’s air-con system struggling to demist windows efficiently?

If yes, your car needs professional air con refill services at the earliest opportunity.

An optimally functioning vehicle air-con system is not only crucial for a cool cabin experience during summers but also improves the air quality by filtering out air-borne bacteria, pollen and other pollutants. Since regular use of your car AC reduces the refrigerant level over time, it is important to opt for a gas recharge.

If you are looking for affordable air con refill Oswestry, you needn’t look any further than North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services.

Our team of experts conducts a detailed inspection of the air con system along with providing a refrigerant top-up.

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When should you opt for an air-con refill Oswestry?

Experts usually recommend air-con refills every two years. However, you must re-gas your car AC in case you detect:

  • An uncomfortable and stuffy cabin experience
  • Difficulty to demist the windows in winters
  • Reduced fuel efficiency (due to additional strain on the car engine)

At North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services, we stock primarily two types of air-con gas. These are:

  • R134a (for vehicles registered before January 1st 2017)
  • R1234yf (for vehicles registered after January 1st 2017)

What do we do?

During an air con refill Oswestry at North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services, we conduct the following procedure:

Experts thoroughly examine the air-con unit and check for any leak in the system.

Next, our technicians drain the old refrigerant and refill it with the correct volume and type as per the vehicle guidelines.

Also, our professionals top up the essential lubricants to ensure smooth functioning of the system as well as prolonging the life span of the air conditioning system.

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