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Are you looking for Windscreen Under Sealing for your vehicle?


The rubber windscreen seal is custom-built to secure your vehicle's windscreen in place by keeping it air-tight. However, over time, this rubber sealant wears out and develops holes, cracks, etc. If ignored, these cracks will cause excess moisture to seep in and eventually lead to the accumulation of mould and rust inside the car, jeopardising both your health and the quality of various car parts.

Are you looking for workshops that can offer you a cost-effective and efficient service of windscreen under sealing Oswestry?

Then look no further than North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services. We use technologically advanced equipment and an efficient procedure to repair the damaged rubber seal of your car’s windscreen. Our experts are fully trained in this field and will ensure there are no damages caused to your vehicle while conducting this service.

What are the symptoms of windscreen underseal damage?

Listed below are some of the distinct symptoms that you will notice if the rubber seal of your vehicle’s windscreen is damaged:

  • Dampness on the dashboard
  • Pungent odour in the cabin from the accumulation of moulds
  • Visible water ingress
  • Condensation marks on the windscreen, etc.

If you detect any of these symptoms, it is time you get your vehicle checked for windscreen under sealing Oswestry.

About our windscreen under seal repairs

Depending upon the nature of damage on your vehicle's windscreen rubber seal, we will use one of the following three techniques to rectify it:


If your car’s windscreen rubber seal has worn out around the edges, we will re-seal it with a superior quality silicone sealant.

Resin injection

If the leakage is due to minor cracks or chips in the windscreen along with a worn-out rubber sealant, we will use high-viscosity windscreen repair resins to seal the damaged portion.


In case the rubber under seal has worn out completely, we will replace it with genuine spares at affordable rates.

Are you still searching for a windscreen under sealing service near me?

Visit our workshop. Our expert team will carry out a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s windscreen and adequately decide the best course of action.

Call us on 0169 165 9928 for more information.

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