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Petrol has two components – aromatic fuel and aliphatic fuel. While the latter combusts leaving behind almost no residues, aromatic fuel leaves a hydrocarbon residue which transforms into hard carbon deposits within the engine.

On the other hand, in a diesel engine, there is considerable tar and carbon accumulation, causing EGR and turbo vane related problems. These significantly reduce the fuel efficiency of both car engines and result in increased emissions and decreased vehicle performance.

Under such circumstances, decarbonising your car engine efficiently can improve fuel economy by 4% - 15%.

North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services is an authorised garage for TerraClean Oswestry. We use TerraClean-patented equipment and chemicals at our facility to decarbonise engines of any car model and make.

How does TerraClean work?

TerraClean technology is a highly efficient and advanced cleaning system for internal combustion engines. It is specifically designed to remove carbon and dirt residues from combustion chambers and injectors to restore its MPG, horsepower, and lower opacity in diesel engines. While in petrol engines, cleaning and fixing damaged oxygen sensor can improve fuel efficiency significantly. You can further enhance your diesel car’s engine performance by opting for:

EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation

DPS – Diesel Particle Filter

Our experts connect TerraClean equipment to the car using superior-quality and specific OEM adaptors. This equipment then acts as a fuel pump and tank for the engine. It passes a patented refined fuel through the engine components to clear any carbon deposits and ensure an unhindered combustion process.

According to experts, even a 5-micron deposit on the fuel injector tip can restrict fuel flow by 20%, depending on the vehicle make and model. Opting for routine TerraClean servicing Oswestry at least once a year or every 15,000 miles, whichever comes first, is recommended.

Stages of TerraClean

Stage 1: TerraClean equipment cleans your car engine’s fuel injection system and the inlet valves (wherever applicable) to ensure optimal fuel injector functionality and fuel pressure regulation.

It improves your car engine’s fuel pressure, timing, and atomisation. In the case of manifold engines, TerraClean removes any residue from inlet valves to facilitate optimum airflow for a smoother combustion process.

Stage 2: In this stage, TerraClean uses only aliphatic fuel and undergoes a process called Coulombic fractionation. This is where the fuel is given a negative charge to turn it into vapour. Since the carbon residues have a positive charge, they are attracted to the vapour, which turns to carbon dioxide and exits through your car’s exhaust pipe.

Why opt for TerraClean servicing Oswestry?

TerraClean cleans any residual accumulation from car components, including fuel injectors, carburettors, exhaust valves, combustion chambers, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, etc. It also restores the functional level of your car engine’s lambda sensors.

The benefits of TerraClean Oswestry include:

  • Enhanced engine health and performance
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Lower exhaust emission levels
  • Extended vehicle lifespan, etc.

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