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Are you looking for Motorbike Repair for your vehicle?


North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services are a well renowned motorbike repair garage Oswestry.

Our team of highly skilled experts conduct thorough inspections and motorbike repair Oswestry at affordable rates. We ensure all mechanical and electrical parts are performing optimally ahead of your vehicle’s MOT.

Warning signs your motorbike needs maintenance and repairs

Significantly reduced fuel efficiency

Incorrect tyre inflation pressure and damaged components can result in a significant drop in your motorbike’s fuel economy.

Bike drifts to either side even while riding on a straight track

If you detect that your motorbike is drifting to either the left or right side even when you are riding on a straight path, it may be due to misaligned wheels or damaged suspension components. Either way, contact us for cost-effective motorbike repair Oswestry.

Steering difficulty

If you find it difficult to steer your bike, it is a sign of premature tyre wear or faulty brakes.

Odd vibrations in your bike

If your feel unusual vibrations in your bike, it can be due to unbalanced wheels, misaligned wheels or even damaged suspension and steering components.

Should your vehicle’s components be damaged, the impact is almost sudden and noticeable, while you may not feel other performance issues instantly, and these may worsen over time. Therefore, we recommend you opt for our motorbike maintenance Oswestry and safety checks at the earliest opportunity if you face any of these issues.

Types of motorbike checks and repairs that we offer

At North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services, we carry out detailed inspections of the following parts and provide the necessary repairs/replacements with your permission at highly affordable rates:

  • Engine checks
  • Spark plugs
  • Chassis and brake checks
  • Throttle and clutch
  • Steering play and race bearing kit inspection
  • Front fork and rear suspension checks
  • Headlights
  • Oiling cables, levers, pivots
  • Chain function
  • Wheel bearings

We stock OE-grade spares and high-grade engine oils for prompt replacements and top-ups, if required.

So, stop searching for a motorbike repair Oswestry near me and get in touch.

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