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Are you looking for Catalytic Converters for your vehicle?


Catalytic converters are specifically designed to keep a car compliant with the emissions standards by chemically altering hazardous gases into a less harmless gaseous mixture. Exhaust fumes consist of several noxious gases including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrous oxide and more. These are transformed into carbon dioxide and water vapour before being expelled out from the exhaust pipe.

If you come across any issue with your car’s catalytic converter, reach out to North Shropshire Tyre Service for reliable catalytic converter replacements Oswestry. We specialise in providing thorough inspections and replacements of cat cons at competitive prices.

    How does a catalytic converter function?

    The cat con is located underneath your vehicle close to the exhaust outlet. It consists of a honeycomb structure that is provided with a coating of catalysts. These catalysts react with harmful gases and change their chemical structure.

    Usually, precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium are used as catalysts in cat cons. Catalytic converters convert more than 90% of harmful gases into less hazardous forms, thereby eliminating localised air pollution.

    Symptoms of a failing catalytic converter

    Cat cons are built to last for at least 10 years. However, they tend to lose their efficiency prematurely due to physical damage, clogging or contamination. Here are some of the key warning signs that indicate performance issues in your vehicle’s catalytic converter:

    ‘Check engine’ light is on: Most modern vehicles are equipped with an on-board diagnostic system to inspect and report various issues within the car. Whenever the cat con malfunctions, the air-to-fuel ratio shoots up. The sensors, in such cases, trigger the system to turn on the ‘check engine’ light.

    Reduced acceleration

    A failing cat con might lead to trapping of exhaust fumes within the system. This might affect the overall engine performance of your vehicle. If you are facing issues with your vehicle’s acceleration, opt for reliable catalytic converter replacements Oswestry from us.

    Dark smoke from tailpipe

    Is your vehicle emitting darker fumes lately? Then, it’s time to opt for a professional inspection of the cat con. Dark fumes are usually caused by clogged catalytic converters. The fumes fail to exit, and thus, become thicker and darker.

    Rattling noises

    Sometimes, the cat con can suffer physical damages causing the honeycomb structure to break or collapse inside. Whenever you start your vehicle, these loose parts will produce a rattling sound.

    Experts suggest replacing a faulty cat con rather than going for catalytic converter repairs Oswestry. At North Shropshire Tyre Service, our team of trained technicians will thoroughly inspect a malfunctioning cat con to diagnose the underlying issue. If required, we’ll install a new OE-grade catalytic converter with your permission.

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