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Are you looking for Camper Repair for your vehicle?


Over time and with constant use, your camper may develop some critical performance issues that require immediate professional attention.

Are you looking for affordable camper repair Oswestry?

North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services are one of the most trusted camper repair centres in Shropshire. We have a fully equipped workshop and a team of trained experts who specialise in campervan repairs, so you can be assured your campervan is in the best hands.

Most common types of camper repairs

Backed by over 40 years of experience, we have identified some of the most common camper repair Oswestry, which our customers require.These are:

  • Correction of ripped canvas
  • Service for broken or missing awning
  • Flat tyre issues
  • Repair or replacement of torn or dirty cushions
  • Servicing of faulty refrigerators
  • Replacement of broken latches on doors or cabinets
  • Repair of water pump breaks, etc.

How can we help?

Our campervan repair Oswestry are largely categorised into the following three types:


A routine camper service ensures that your vehicle can perform optimally throughout the year. We offer comprehensive camper servicing, which includes checks and repairs of the chassis system, under-body checks, electrical and gas system, ventilation, fire & safety, water system, bodywork, and more. All these checks and services are completed by certified technicians, and therefore, we guarantee they are done to the highest of standards.

Repairs and replacements

We will offer a thorough internal and external check using cutting-edge tools to detect all the underlying issues and adequately decide the right course of action. We have access to genuine and high quality spares and can replace any damaged parts of your campervan efficiently.


Due to the issue of water ingress, your camper's wallboards, furniture, exterior panels, and other interior parts, may sustain severe damages, which need a complete re-build or renovation. We offer a cost-effective camper renovation service to improve your vehicle's interior and ensure you enjoy a comfortable camping experience.

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