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Cambelts, also known as timing belts, are an essential car part that maintains sync between valves, the crankcase, and the pistons, they ensure efficient engine performance. A cambelt is made up of rubber and is susceptible to wear and tear after prolonged usage. A timely cambelt change Oswestry is crucial to avoid sudden engine breakdown.

North Shropshire Garage and Tyre Services, specialise in cambelt replacements at an extremely budget-friendly rate. We have a dedicated team of certified experts who are meticulously trained in this field and can conduct efficient inspections and replacements.

Why is a cambelt change Oswestry important?

An optimally functioning timing belt is responsible for the correct opening and closing of engine valves during the combustion process, and therefore, offers perfect synchronisation between the crankshaft and camshaft. In case of cambelt damage, the piston and valves of your car engine will collide approximately 200 times per minute, resulting in irreparable engine damage.

To avoid this and maintain healthy engine performance, it is crucial to undertake a routine cambelt check from a reliable garage for Timing Belt Change Oswestry.

When should you opt for a timing belt check?

Most manufacturers claim that their vehicles are fitted with cambelts, which can last up to 60,000 miles. However, the cambelt can wear out faster due to a host of issues, leading to early replacements.

Listed below are some of the distinct warning signs of a failing cambelt:

Rattling noise

Often, you may hear a rattling noise from the cambelt region. This generally occurs when the cambelt pulley has worn out drastically.

Car fails to star

False ignition is also one of the potential signs of a damaged cambelt. Therefore, if you face difficulty in starting your vehicle, visit us at the earliest for a detailed inspection.

Engine misfire

Since the combustion process is severely affected by a faulty cambelt, it will lead to frequent engine misfires. However, often, faults in a car's exhaust system also lead to this issue. To be on the safer side, get your vehicle checked by our experts.

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