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While buying tyres Oswestry, you must carefully read the EU tyre label (introduced and made compulsory in 2012) to know more about the particular model’s performance metrics, namely fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise.

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Tyre labelling explained

Fuel efficiency

Tyre labelling for fuel efficiency considers a tyre’s rolling resistance. It measures the loss of energy when a tyre rolls, which is further affected by daily wear and tear.

Tyres with low rolling resistance guarantees better fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiency is rated from A (most fuel-efficient) to G (least fuel-efficient).

Selecting an A-rated tyre over a G-rated one is equivalent to saving fuel costs up to 7.5%.

Wet grip

Tyre labelling for wet grip is a measure of its stopping distance on a wet surface.

Similar to the fuel efficiency of a tyre, the rating for wet grip also ranges from A (shortest stopping distance) to G (longest stopping distance).

External noise

External noise refers to the noise generated outside the vehicle while driving in normal road conditions.

It is measured in decibels (dB) and represented through one, two, and three sound wave bars. While one sound wave bar indicates a noise-efficient tyre, those with three sound wave bars are the noisiest ones.

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